print_r("Hello world!");

It's my first English blog post. I should start somewhere. I guess, I'm afraid of write in English ^.^ Anyway, my sentences will simple and anyone can understand them. I guess. 😂

What will I write about?

I'm not exactly sure what to write. But my priority is coding. I want to talk about coding a Telegram bot and anything about Ubuntu (also Linux), share new PHP examples and write about a programming language while I learn it.

Also, maybe you already understand but even I should say that my English writing skill isn't good enough.

Here are my first topics:

  • Telegram bots
  • Programming languages
    • PHP
    • Python
    • maybe Javascript
  • Linux
    • Ubuntu
    • Opensource softwares
    • maybe bash scripts and others
  • Languages
    • Russian
    • Improving English

About my blog

I'm using Ghost blogging tool for my blog. Because it's easy and minimalist. I love blogs based on text. I think, it's fast and that is the first reason why I love it.

Because it's my nature. 1

Here is the end of my article. Goodbye for now. 😅

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